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Christmas Q&A!

Hi! Do you know that Christmas is just around the corner? I always think about Christmas. I like everything about it: wrapping gifts, drinking tea, making cookies, watching Christmas movies and even answering to some questions! I found these online and just answered them, because why not? 🙂 Let’s just get started!

1. What are your favorite Christmas colors? 
I actually not really like red, but when it’s Christmas this color becomes one of my favorites. I also like golden and white.

2. Do you still act like Santa Claus brings you presents?
Sometimes yes, because it’s fun!

3. When do you begin Christmas shopping?
In the middle of December, but this year I began on December 7th.

4. Who do you celebrate Christmas with?
I celebrate Christmas with my family and relatives.

5. Do you have a favorite Christmas song?
Yes, I think it’s Wham! – Last Christmas.

6. When do you usually open your gifts?
On Christmas Eve evening.

7. Who do you buy Christmas presents for?
For my family and friends.

8. What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas is my favorite holiday ever. It’s such an amazing celebration with a meaning. For me Christmas is when you give presents to the ones that you love, light candles, decorate a Christmas tree, make cookies and the list can go on and on. 🙂 Remember, that Christmas is all about giving, not receiving.

9. Do you prefer real or articifial trees? Why?
I prefer real ones. I think that it just brings the real Christmas feeling to your house.

10. Describe what you’re likely to wear on cold days?
I like to wear jeans, timberlands or just boots, scarf and a warm sweater.

11. Describe how you decorate your house before Christmas.
I always put up a Christmas tree. Then I just put garlands, lights and candles, that smell like Christmas everywhere – simple and beautiful!

12. Favorite Christmas movie.
I think “Home Alone 2” – old, but good!

13. What smell makes you think about Christmas?
Cinnamon smell. Also cinnamon and apple smell.

14. An old Christmas tradition?
To make and decorate cookies before Christmas. I can’t wait to cook them this year!! I also want to start a new tradition – to make a gingerbread house!

15. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received when you were a child?
I can’t choose one – a “microphone”, a “guitar” or a “piano”. 🙂

This is it for today. I can’t believe how fast time flies. too fast. So don’t forget to stop for a minute and think about all the beautiful things around you. I’m actually so happy while writing this post, because I feel really “Christmassy”! See you soon,

Odeta 🙂