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Super helpful kitchen tricks!

Hello! Long time no see! Do you ever go to the kitchen with a will to make something delicious and see that you don’t have one ingredient? These moments really get on every girl’s nerves, so I searched for some kitchen tricks and found LIFE SAVING pictures. I’m going to share them with you.

When I first saw these photos I was happy and then I felt confused. I only knew that you can use bananas instead of eggs and plain yogurt instead of sour cream. Now I feel like a kitchen guru! Yes, don’t laugh at me. 😀 Let’s start with egg substitutions:


Fruits, vegetables and herbs. We all know how healthy they all are. But do we know when are they in season?


This picture actually changed my life. Just look at these substitutions and you’ll soon find out.


Now you know how to make a perfect ice cream sandwich.

Making the perfect ice cream sandwich:

I needed this conversion chart. Now I don’t have to google everything!

This is it! Now get off your couch and go to the kitchen to cook something! Happy cooking,

Odeta 🙂