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Making my 1st gingerbread house!

Hi! First of all – guys, do you know that Christmas is just 4 days away? I can’t believe it even if I made cookies and my first gingerbread house ever this weekend! It was such a fun and “christmassy” process and I’m going to share it with you.

You may think why I made my first gingerbread house just right now. The answer is I have no idea. Maybe because I just didn’t think about it earlier? Anyway, I’m really happy that I made it this year, this Christmas.

This post is all about just making my first gingerbread house, not about how I made it. If you’re searching for a recipe – just google it. I have a lot of recipe books at home, so that’s where I found a recipe. I also looked for some instructions on the internet and youtube. I really hope you’ll find it – sorry if I didn’t help this time.

Here you can see four walls ready to cook! 🙂


I didn’t forget about the roof and door (I didn’t use the door) either! Also there is a little gingerbread man, but just one. Later I made another one too, but I didn’t take a picture of it.


Don’t search for “building a house” pictures, because that was not really easy for me! The roof kept on falling. I’m super happy that it turned out great after all.

This is my first gingerbread house below! I’m really happy about it. I’m sure making a gingerbread house every Christmas is going to be our family tradition.


Now it’s time to say what I’ve learned:

  • When you build your house, don’t decorate it immediately. Leave it to set.
  • Don’t try to make everything perfect.
  • Try to be as patient as possible.
  • Buy a lot of candy! You can run out of it.
  • Just enjoy the process! 🙂

This is it! If you are still not sure about this gingerbread house – don’t be! Believe me, it was super fun. Gingerbread house is not just a decoration on a Christmas table, but also a delicious and beautiful treat! See you,

Odeta 🙂


Easy Christmas nail art designs!

Hello! It’s just 13 days till Christmas! I’m so excited, what about you? This post is all about 12 Christmas nail art designs. They’re super easy and super cute. I actually don’t know which one to paint this year. I’m not professional at painting nails, no way, but we all know that even a simple nail art design can work, right? 🙂 So don’t be afraid to try these out and don’t give up!

1.  Christmas tree from various dots!111NAILS

2.  It’s so cute, isn’t it?


3. Christmas lights make everything better.

4. Simple snowflake and some glitter.


5. Just red and white!


6. Santa Claus and some white dots, a.k.a white snowflakes.


7. A whole tutorial for this nail design!


8. Such a cute reindeer!


9. Penguin nails for Christmas. Why not? 🙂


10. How to paint a simple snowman.10NAILS

11. Another cute snowman and some white dots, a.k.a. snowflakes.


12. Super easy and super cute nails with a bow.


The question is do you want to paint your nails this Christmas? Personally I’m bad at waiting for my nails to dry, but I enjoy painting them if the design is easy. After searching for various nail art designs I want to paint my nails for Christmas. Also, I found these pictures in Pinterest and in We Heart It.

I think you have all noticed that to make almost every nail design you need a dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool just like me, don’t worry! Note that you can use a pen, bobby pins or just a simple pin.

I hope after this post you have some inspiration about how you want to paint your nails this Christmas. See you soon,

Odeta 🙂