Easy Christmas nail art designs!

Hello! It’s just 13 days till Christmas! I’m so excited, what about you? This post is all about 12 Christmas nail art designs. They’re super easy and super cute. I actually don’t know which one to paint this year. I’m not professional at painting nails, no way, but we all know that even a simple nail art design can work, right? 🙂 So don’t be afraid to try these out and don’t give up!

1.  Christmas tree from various dots!111NAILS

2.  It’s so cute, isn’t it?


3. Christmas lights make everything better.

4. Simple snowflake and some glitter.


5. Just red and white!


6. Santa Claus and some white dots, a.k.a white snowflakes.


7. A whole tutorial for this nail design!


8. Such a cute reindeer!


9. Penguin nails for Christmas. Why not? 🙂


10. How to paint a simple snowman.10NAILS

11. Another cute snowman and some white dots, a.k.a. snowflakes.


12. Super easy and super cute nails with a bow.


The question is do you want to paint your nails this Christmas? Personally I’m bad at waiting for my nails to dry, but I enjoy painting them if the design is easy. After searching for various nail art designs I want to paint my nails for Christmas. Also, I found these pictures in Pinterest and in We Heart It.

I think you have all noticed that to make almost every nail design you need a dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool just like me, don’t worry! Note that you can use a pen, bobby pins or just a simple pin.

I hope after this post you have some inspiration about how you want to paint your nails this Christmas. See you soon,

Odeta 🙂


Mockingjay: Part 1 review!

Hello girls! I’m a huge movie lover. I can watch them everyday and I don’t get bored, that’s crazy! Last Saturday I went to the movie theater and watched Mockingjay: Part 1. It was so good! Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about it (with some spoilers). Personally I LOVED it. During the movie, a.k.a emotional anxiety roller coaster, I was so into it, I sometimes even forgot to eat pop corns!

I’m going to tell you some of my favorite moments in this movie. One of them is when Katniss goes to District 8 to the hospital. President Snow somehow sees her – nothing good. He tells to bombard the hospital, full of innocent people. I can’t put into words how much I hate him, like ugh! After that, Katniss says such a great speech. I’m not going to tell you, but it is so emotional, I get chills all over my body no matter how many times I listen to it!



When I read a book, I really liked a song “The Hanging Tree” and I was excited about how the song will sound like in the movie. What do you think? It sounds so perfect! You can listen to it right here. In the movie, Katniss starts to sing this song and after a couple of minutes all the rebels join. It is such an amazing part of Mockingjay. “The Hanging Tree” got stuck in my head for about a week. I was singing it everywhere. I’m actually singing it right now, while writing this post. 🙂


I just have to mention Peeta. Just OMG. I don’t know what else to say. All scenes with Katniss and Peeta are awesome. Especially when Peeta actually sees her on the screen singing “The Hanging Tree” and tells her something. I’m not going to say what, watch the movie first!


Actually the whole movie is a bomb. If you didn’t watch it already, go to cinema and watch watch watch! I dare you! 🙂 Now I can’t wait for Mockingjay: Part 2. How am I going to wait a year to see it? I have no idea. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short post.

"They’re going to train me to be a doctor." Prim to Katniss
“They’re going to train me to be a doctor.” Prim to Katniss



Fast, healthy & delicious recipes!

Hello! To be honest, I love food. Who doesn’t? I also love to cook too, especially when the recipes are super easy or when I change something, maybe even create my own recipes. Today I’m going to tell you my top 4 fast, healthy & delicious recipes for fall or any other season. They are really quick, so you’ll make them even in a rush! 🙂

1. Coconut cookies! 

I found them in a book, cooked them and they tasted really good.

For about 15 cookies you’ll need:

  • 1 egg
  • about 70 grams brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon starch
  • 1 tablespoon semolina
  • 100 grams flaked coconut


1. Set your oven to 180 ºC. Lay a parchment paper (bakery paper) on a baking sheet.

2. Mix an egg with brown sugar very well.

3. Mix flaked coconut with semolina and starch. Then put this mix into a mix with an egg and brown sugar. Stir.

4. Form balls and put them on your baking sheet. Cook for about 10-15 minutes and be careful not to burn them! 🙂

I took some pictures while making them:











Also you can add some raisins or other dried fruits:


2. Delicious truffles

Oh, these truffles have quite a long story. One day I saw a video on Youtube about how to make easy and healthy energy bars. I cooked them and I actually really loved it! Then I thought – why not to make truffles from them? Oh, and they turned out super good. 🙂 All ingredients are optional – you can add or change something – just like I often do.

You’ll need:

  • 1 cup dried cranberries
  • 1 cup almonds
  • 1 cup dates
  • some cocoa or cinnamon
  • some flaked coconut


First combine dried cranberries, almonds, dates and cocoa or cinnamon in your food processor for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, scrape the edges. After that, process for 1 or 2 minutes till the ball is formed. With your hands or a tablespoon, form little balls and roll them in  coconut. You’re done!

3. Banana pancakes

How I love these banana pancakes! I make them actually every Saturday or Sunday, because they are really fast and really delicious. Try them, just make sure to add some oil or butter to your pan, because these pancakes sometimes like to stick to pan. 🙂

For one person (maybe two, if they’re not super hungry) you’ll need:

  • one banana
  • two eggs
  • some cinnamon
  • some baking powder


Mix banana and eggs well. Then add cinnamon and baking powder. Mix and fry! You can also add dried berries, fruits. 🙂

4. Vegetable omelette/frittata

I don’t like eggs a lot. I just like omelette and frittata! I think everyone tried to make an omelette, because it’s just so easy and delicious. This recipe is super easy. I call it an omelette or frittata. 🙂

You’ll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 pepper


Mix eggs with milk and start to cook. Cut your pepper and tomato in pieces and put them on your frittata/omelette. Then just slowly put it on your plate and eat eat eat! 🙂

This is it for this post! I really hope you like it and try some of these recipes. Bye,


Quiz: What you should be on Halloween!

Hello girls! It’s already October! How fast time flies … By the way, Halloween is around the corner! I’m having a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween party this year. If you are too, just take this quiz and maybe you’ll like the result. 🙂 Just remember, that this quiz is mine and is for fun! Let’s start!

1. What are you going to do on Halloween?
A) Go somewhere with friends.
B) Stay home and watch movies.
C) Scare people!
D) Nothing, actually.
E) Go to a party!
F) Eat Halloween treats.

2. Pick a Halloween treat.
A) Candy corn.
B) Everything!
C) Milky way midnight minis.
D) Snickers.
E) Sour patch.
F) Skittles!

3. What scares you the most?
A) Speaking in front of the audience.
B) Various bugs.
C) Heights.
D) Death.
E) Being alone.
F) Scary movies.

4. What superpower would you like to have?
A) Strength.
B) Healing.
C) See the future.
D) Be invisible.
E) Telekinesis.
F) Read minds.

5. You can describe yourself as:
A) I don’t know.. ?
B) Weird, lazy.
C) I guess smart.
D) Sarcastic.
E) Excited, active.
F) Funny.

6. If you should wear just one color all your life, what would it be?
A) Black.
B) White.
C) Blue.
D) Brown.
E) Purple.
F) I have no idea!

7. Choose a place that you DON’T want to be right now.
A) Desert.
B) Forest.
C) Basement.
D) Haunted house.
E) On a stuck elevator.
F) Somewhere among people.

Now just count your answers. 🙂


A) – You should be a vampire!


B) – You should be a zombie!


C) – You should be a witch!


D) – You should be a cat!


E) – You should be a doll!


F) –  You should be a joker!


I hope you liked this quiz. Bye,

Odeta 🙂

TV show and movie recommendations!

Hello guys! I really like watching various movies and TV shows. I can even call myself a movie addict! Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do in free time or when I’m bored, tired. As the title of this post says – today I’m going to recommend my so far best TV shows and movies.

1. The 100.

This show is really new – it started March 19 (2014) and it has just one season so far. The second season is going to start on October 22. I’m super excited for it!

About the show:

The series is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth. The only known survivors are the residents of twelve space stations in Earth’s orbit prior to the war. The space stations banded together to form a single massive station named “The Ark”, where about 2,400 people live. Resources are scarce and all crimes no matter their nature or severity are punishable by death (“floating”) unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age. After the Ark’s life support systems are found to be critically failing, one hundred prisoners are sent to the surface in a last ditch attempt to determine if Earth is not toxic and habitable. The teens arrive on a beautiful planet they’ve only seen from space. But actually it’s not that beautiful – they are faced to a lot of danger …

2. The Vampire Diaries

I think everyone knows this show, but anyway I wanted to write about it here. It’s just really good! Season 6 started just on Thursday – October 2nd! If you like fantasy, romance, vampires – you’ll love this show. Please note that it’s not just about love. 🙂

About the show:

The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert, a teenage girl who falls deeply in love with a 163-year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan’s vicious and malevolent older brother Damon Salvatore returns with a plan to wreak havoc on the town, seeking revenge against his younger brother for turning him into a vampire against his will. Both brothers begin to show affection towards Elena, mainly because of her resemblance to their past love Katherine Pierce. It is revealed that Elena is a descendant of Katherine, who eventually returns with plans against the trio. Elena undergoes many hardships and deaths of close family members and loved ones through her high school experience.


3. Teen Wolf

This show is also a fantasy show. Before all these shows, I thought that I hate fantasy movies and TV shows, but right now I’m sure – I la la love them!

About the show:

The series revolves around unpopular and awkward boy named Scott McCall, a high school student living in the town of Beacon Hills. Scott’s life drastically changes when he is bitten by a werewolf, becoming one himself. He must henceforth learn to balance his problematic new identity with his day-to-day teenage life. The following characters are instrumental to his struggle: Stiles, his human best friend; Allison, his first love interest who comes from a family of werewolf hunters, Lydia, Allison’s best friend and Derek, a mysterious werewolf with a dark past. Throughout the series, Scott strives to keep his loved ones safe while maintaining normal relationships with them.

4. I Am Number Four

This movie was so good. It’s genre is also a fantasy, but there’s no vampires and werewolves, haha. 🙂

About this movie:

John Smith is an alien from the planet Lorien. He was sent to Earth as a child with eight others to escape the invading Mogadorians, who destroyed Lorien. Here, John is protected by a guardian, Henri. Together, they live in a beach-side bungalow in Florida. When Mogadorians kill number one, two and number three, John and Henri moves to the Paradise in Ohio. John meets an unsocial boy, named Sam and falls for girl, named Sarah. He faces danger, lots of adventures and a strong love for a girl.

5. Pitch Perfect

You’re in a mood to watch a comedy that has not just romance, but some greatmusic too? Go and watch Pitch Perfect now! I think you’ll definitely love it. 🙂

About this movie:

Beca, a freshman at Barden University, is cajoled into joining The Barden Bellas. The Barden Bellas are a collegiate, all-girls a cappella singing group thriving on female pop songs and their perfect looks. After a disastrous failing at last year’s finals, they are forced to regroup. Among the new recruits is freshman Beca, an independent, aspiring DJ with no interest in the college life. But after she meets Jesse, from the rival all-male a cappella group, Beca has a new outlook and takes it upon herself to help the Bellas find their new look and sound and get back into the competition.


This is it for this post. I didn’t mention popular movies like Hunger Games, Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars, because everyone knows them already. I couldn’t think for more, because there are coming LOTS AND LOTS of great movies right now, in October or November. I’ll definitely make a next movie recommendations post when I watch some new good movies. See you,

Odeta 🙂

DIY projects for fall!

Hello guys! Personally, I love sweater weather, teas, colorful leaves, rain, books, just everything about fall. Why not make your home smell and feel like fall too? 🙂

Dried Orange and Cinnamon Ornaments!

These are so great – they smell good and even look great! Also you don’t even need lots of things.

Makes 2 ornaments.

You’ll need:

  • 2 – 24 in. piece of ribbon
  • 1 Paramount Citrus Valencia orange
  • 10 cinnamon sticks


1. To make the dried orange slices, preheat the oven to 200 degrees F.

2. Cut the orange into very thin slices, less than ¼ inch if possible. Discard any seeds. You will need 4 slices for each short ornament.

3. Place a cooling rack over a sheet pan. Place the orange slices on the rack. This keeps them elevated while drying so that air can get underneath the fruit.

4. Dry in the oven for about 2 hours. Remove when completely dry, and cool before making your ornament.

5. For each ornament, begin by tying the center of a piece of ribbon securely around a cinnamon stick.

6. Lace the ribbon up through the center of a slice of orange.

7. Place another cinnamon stick on top of the orange slice and tie the ribbon securely around it.

8. Continue layering orange slices and cinnamon sticks, ending with a cinnamon stick. For a short ornament, use 4 orange slices and 5 cinnamon sticks. You can also combine all the slices and cinnamon sticks for one long ornament using a longer piece of ribbon.

9. Tie the final cinnamon stick with the ribbon and use the remaining ribbon to hang the ornament, securing it with a bow. Done! 🙂

Quote pillows!

Did you ever go to the shop and see a really pretty thing, but then look at the price … Did you ever think, that you can DIY those things? I like quote pillows and I think why not to make some. 🙂

You’ll need:

  • Linen pillow case & pillow
  • Letter stencil
  • Sharpie or fabric marker
  • Ruler
  • Tape
  • Pencil


1. Line up the words how you want them to fit on the pillow. Place the letters of each word a 1/4 inch apart. By measuring the length of the word and the width of the pillow case, you can align the word in the center of the pillow case and tape down the stencils. You will want to measure your rows across the height of the pillow case as well so they are evenly spaced, and mark with pencil where the stencils should go.

2. Fill in the stencils with a Sharpie marker.

3. Erase any visible pencil marks.

4. Stuff your pillow and you have it! 🙂

Insanely easy DIY mugs!

Make your own mug! This would be an awesome and cheap present too.

Fall potpourri!

This thing is a must-have in fall! It’s so easy to make and it actually looks like fall!

You’ll need:

  • Dried orange slices
  • Dried apple slices
  • Whole nuts (with shells)
  • Whole cloves
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Juniper berries
  • Laurel (bay) leaves
  • Dried rose hips
  • Pine cones
  • Essential oils: cedar wood, clove, cinnamon, orange and pine are all great together

Don’t worry if you don’t have something – you can change it, just improvise. 🙂


We actually don’t even need the directions! Just take bigger and smaller handfuls and put them into a jar or a bowl. Done! 🙂

Ramekins, Coffee Beans and Tea Lights

If you like coffee – you will like this DIY!

You’ll need:

  • Ramekin
  • Coffee beans
  • Candle


Take a handful of coffee beans and put them into a ramekin. Put a candle between the beans and light it. Done!

I hope you liked these DIY’s. Time flies fast, so don’t sleep and make your home feel and smell like fall! 🙂



10 inspirational quotes to start off your day with!

Hello guys! Everybody feels lonely, sad or broken sometimes, right? When you wake up and want to just go back to sleep, forget everything. I’m here to help you to fight these moments of sadness. 🙂

TIP: You can print these quotes and hang them on your wall, or even make a book of inspirational quotes! Personally, I’m going to download these photos to my phone and read them, when I feel like I need some inspiration. Also I’m thinking about printing these quotes and making a personal book to myself. 🙂

     1. Quote about beauty



2. Quote about being strong

3. Second quote about being strong 

4. Quote about past

5. Quote about happiness


6. Quote about life


7. Quote about never giving up


8. Quote about all the beautiful things


9. Quote about things we should stop worrying about


10. Quote about smile


I hope that I helped you. Just remember that everyone has problems, even if it doesn’t look like they do. 🙂

Feel free to answer the question down bellow:

Thank you and see you soon,


Everything what a girl needs :)