Quiz: What Should Be On Your Bucket List

Hello girls! I have a bucket list for this 2014 summer and I really like it. Today I thought – maybe you want to make your bucket list, but don’t know what should be in there, so I’m going to help you. You just have to complete my quiz! Remember that it’s just for fun – if you don’t like the result, you can just look at other results, maybe you’ll find something interesting! 🙂


1. When you meet someone new, what do you do?

a) Say an awkward ”hi”. You get more confident talking to them once you get to know them.

b) Go on an adventure with them.

c) Act casual. You’ve met many new people before, no reason to be nervous!

d) Just be friendly, because you think it’s the best way to make friends.

2. Are you adventurous?

a) Not really.

b) Yes, you like to travel.

c)  It depends on your mood.

d) Yes, you love to travel!

3. What is your favorite movie genre?

a) Romance.

b) Horror or action.BungeeJumping

c) Sci-Fi or thriller.

d) Adventure.

4. What are you doing on Friday evening?

a) Reading a book or just surfing the internet.

b) You’re  usually with your friends watching a movie.

c) Sometimes cooking, sometimes just chilling outside.

d) You’re exploring your own town.

5. What your dream mini-vacation would be?

a) A relaxing visit to the Bahamas.

b) A trip to Ibiza.

c) A trip to France or Italy.

d) An adventurous trip to Greece.


A) – 1. Learn a new language. 2. Go whale watching. 3. Swim with dolphins.

B) – 1. Skydive. 2. Jump off a cliff. 3. Take a Zip Line ride.

C) – 1. Volunteer. 2. Bring a meal to a homeless person. 3. Create a photo journal.

D) – 1. Go on a cruise. 2. Fly first class. 3. Travel all around the world.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz. Bye! 🙂




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